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April 19, 2011

Dog owners urged to be responsible

Image of a greyhound dogDog owners visiting Formby beaches are urged to take responsiblilty for their dogs as they approach the beach. In an incident today at Formby Point a racing dog ran onto the beach when the tide was at it’s highest.
There was only a very narrow strip of sand, the dog got into a fight with another dog and in the moments that followed, it sprinted up and down the beach, leaping over several toddlers. They were terrified by the dog.
The hounds owners arrived but had not seen the incident and were then told in very strong terms about the affair. They left the beach, but this would all have avoided if as they approached the beach, the dog owner had secured the animal with a lead.
No one minds dogs so long as they are under control and supervised, in this case the circumstances conspired to create a very unpleasant incident.